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Keen Betty Boot are elegant feminine style boots which have the ability to ensure that you get maximum comfort and performance on the snow and other slippery surfaces during the cold freezing weather conditions. These fabulous boots have been designed specially for the women to offer superior fit and high comfort level to their delicate feet. These boots feature premium materials which have been bonded together with the help of modern technologies to deliver you ultimate comfort, durability and reliability. The upper of these boots is made from the combination of synthetic textile and leather. The upper has the elegant stitch details on the top which makes the upper more stylish and chic. The upper features zipper closure at the side which allows you easy and quick on and off wearing. These boots have the Keen Patented Toe Protection like most of the other Keen style in which the outsole of these boots have been wrapped on the front at the toe area to create a bumper which protects your toes from accidental bumps. These boots also have the Keen.Dry technology which features a waterproof membrane. This waterproof membrane stops the water from entering the boots but at the same time it offers breathability to keep the interior environment healthy and fresh. The interior of these boots is insulated with 200 grams of Keen.Warm which stops the cold from penetrating the boots and it helps keeping the interior maximum cozy during freezing weather. The insole has been cushioned to keep the surface under your feet ultra-soft and comforting. The heel of these boots have S3 technology used in its construction which means that it offers stability, support and shock absorption. The heel dissipate the shocks upon each impact to deliver ultimate comfort and keep your feet free from stress. The S3 also offers stability to help preventing the ankle twist. These boots have ESS shank which also offers stability and torsional control to offers more relaxing and comfortable ride. The midsole of these boots is made from the EVA which has dual density and it also deliver stunning shocks absorption. The midsole also disperses the shocks upon stride and keep your feet and legs free from fatigue. These boots have high performance outsole made from the non-marking carbon rubber which is very durable and delivers long lasting wear. The outsole has been designed to ensure that you get stability and flexibility to make your ride easier and natural. The outsole has 4 millimeters deep lugs which are multi-directional and offers excellent grip on different types of wet and dry surfaces including snow and ice to make your ride smooth, secure and safe. These boots have 7 inches tall shaft with 13 inches of circumference. They weigh 1 pound and 1 ounce as per size 7. You can find this style in these colors: Gargoyle/ White and Black.



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These are great shoes. They're very comfortable, with great arch support, and they've proven to be very durable as well. They have good ankle support for "mids' too. More than once I've twisted an ankle on loose rocks or whatever and felt that the damage done was less then it might have been thanks to these shoes. The only downside is that they are hot in warm weather. The Voyageurs aren't as good as the Targhee II in most ways, but they do offer way better venting. I also love the plastic lace clips on these shoes, so even if/when the lace knot comes undone, they keep the laces from loosening up at least. I wish every pair of lace shoes I own had those clips!


Man, I still wear my second pair of these today. They're incredibly comfortable. After a week, these things fit my feet like a glove. No blisters. I took two pairs over 1,400 miles on the Appalachian Trail, and while I'd like to say that I would buy another pair, I do have some minor complaints ...The bottoms get really slick after a coupla hundred miles. Also, the boot only lasted me about 700-800 miles. For some people that's fine, but for a long-distance hiker, I weigh money against distance, and I can make a pair of New Balance 909s go 600-700 miles for a third of the price.


I am in love with these boots. They are super lightweight, extremely supportive, keep moisture out, and maintain a comfortable temperature in heat, snow, or rain. Would strongly recommend these (as well as any other styles) to anyone. Sizing is accurate.


I have been training in these boots for 2 months and have them well broken in. When I first got them I feared they would be too snug, but since giving them some time to loosen up (just a bit), they are working out nicely. I wear two pair of socks- Smartwool mid weight and their sock liners. I have hiked in deep snow and rain and am confident that they will keep my feet dry and comfortable. I wear their sandals and they seem to fit my feet - which are on the wide side- very well. Wore my sandals all over Europe. The only thing I wish is that the boots were a little more feminine looking!


These boots are super warm, awesome tread. Absolutely waterproof. Worn in 2 huge snowstorms with over 18 inches of snow with no problem. Worn over steep hills and multiple terrains without difficulty or slipping. Stylish too and comfortable! Recommend to anyone who wants warm and waterproof snow boots that will last forever!


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